Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The rig for the sneakbox includes a mast, gaff, and boom. All are long considering the length of the hull, but that along with the tendency to submarine are what make duckboats exciting to sail. The racing versions are overpowered. A sail and spars were donated for this boat. The spars were picked up from DeRouville's boatyard down in Tom's River, close to the homewaters of this boat. A trial fit was made of the mast. John is marking for the wedges that will determine the rake of the mast. The mast is stepped through the deck and kingplank, into a step screwed to the frames along the keel. The mast transfers the wind's force on the sail to the hull and produces drive and forward motion. The old mast is spruce and needs to be reinforced where it threads the deck and re-varnished to protect it from the weather.

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