Thursday, July 28, 2011

Capt. Pete - Oarman

Pete & I worked on the oar project for the rowing program. Getting closer. A lot of ash shavings went into the can while the oar form is emerging from the boards.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whaleboat Joint

The stem attached to the keel with rivets.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Callahan Cup

TORCH & SILENT MAID were out together with the a-cats for the Callahan cup on Friday afternoon. The breeze was flaky, shifting around a bit and giving the course setters coniptions before settling down. Racing was slow but steady in the light air. It was the first time together for our skipper and crew. John Brady, John S'bach, Peter, Christian, Chuck, Nick, and I brought TORCH around the course for a second place in the regatta. Ok for a green crew. ps since I am crew, these are all between the races shots. I got in trouble for trying to shoot the action during the races. There were some great moments at the starts and marks, but they are committed to memory rather that electrons.


A visit to the cruiser OLYMPIA in 100 degree weather gave me a real feeling of thankfulness to the Navy guys that ran the iron ship. 40 officers and 400 men, most of whom shoveled coal, ash, and fed the boilers, kept her moving. We were sweating without doing any work. Can't imagine the environment crowed, hot, and not very much ventilation. The modern Navy is a lot more human friendly.
OLYMPIA is a real time capsule of life for her time; social, technological, economics, everything. Amazing ship still at Penn's Landing in Philly.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

TSCA oarmaking

Three members worked on cutting, thinning, layout and shaping 4pair of oars. Leather suppliers identified for buttons and leathers. Status in order from most to least complete.
1 pr painted, ready for leathers
1 pr. being shaped and refined (this is the GF planed pair)
1 pr marked and thinned, began planing to remove more stock by blades.
1 pr cut out and thinned

Ed is laying out pattern for cutting last pair.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unstable Weather

Sailed or rather tried to, yesterday. Left Quanset Pond via ash breeze to Pleasant Bay. Set sail and wind dropped to zero and backed with black sky. Dropped the mast, hauled the rudder & centerboard and rowed back to the pond.

This day was great. Had favorable wind to and from the pond, but couldn't make it to the outer beach. Even though URCHIN will sail in four inches of water, three and a half is just to thin to pull her three hundred pounds across. We reached a low tide beach in the marsh behind Little Sipson before running out of water. Lovely day on a very crowded beach.

The last pic is Mom's garden. Love the lavender and so do the bumbles.