Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DuckBoat Worlds 2010

Here is a great photo and a link to his post from Russ.

Monday, August 23, 2010

KATHLEEN leaves for Bristol

Here she is beating out the new cut with a reef in. Just as she clears and is in the ocean, what to our wondering eyes did appear, but our own battle flag. Nice work guys! Well done.

(We discovered later in Bristol, that that prank was courtesy of the Arey's yard boys who nabbed it and dropped it off in KATHLEENs cockpit at night.)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gaff Gathering 2010

Arey's Pond Cat Gathering 2010

These pictures are by the Cape Cod Times. There were 96 plus catboats in the race this year. What a spectacular meet. It was sunny and light air. We had better breeze the day before, but that is the way it goes.

I don't know how long this will remain active, but the Cape Cod Times has a nice set of photos here.

A Wonderful Story of the Arey's Big Cat Race

by Bob Luckraft

Titans Battle at Arey's Pond Race/Rendezvous
Round III


With the series tied up one race apiece, a sun-filled sky and yet another light
wind that hovered just below 10 knots was the setting for the third race in the
five races between KATHLEEN and SILENT MAID. The course was simple enough --
start in the NE corner of Little Pleasant Bay run down to a pin set ~3-nautical
miles away in the SW corner of Pleasant Bay and finish back at the start line.

Little Pleasant Bay has thin water, but the tide was high at the start and began

to ebb and run towards the pin a half hour after the start. There is a narrow
section where the two bays come together appropriately called "The Narrows."
Pleasant Bay has plenty of water for a catboat.

The match-race began as a combined start with a vast fleet and variety of other
catboats. With the sounding of the gun a rather orderly mass of sail slipped
across the line. A reaching/downwind start can be problematic, but everything
seemed to work out just fine for the fleet.

It looked like 10 or so catboats crossed the starting line before KATHLEEN and

KATHLEEN got a good start over SILENT MAID and both boats quickly threaded their

way through the other cats, and to the head of the fleet. Without incident they
cleared "The Narrows" and ran down Pleasant Bay on port tack down towards the
pin. KATHLEEN made certain to stay out of SILENT MAID's wind shadow by keeping
off to port and leeward while SILENT MAID seemed content to run the rhumb line
to the pin.

With the pin approaching, but not yet upon, and with good separation between the

boats -- KATHLEEN made a sudden and perfectly timed jibe to starboard tack. She
pulled in much of her sheet, and with remarkably "quick" acceleration and power
she steamed smartly directly into the path of SILENT MAID who was running free
on port tack. SILENT MAID had no choice; She had to jibe to starboard to give
way. She came off her rhumb line and head up. As she did KATHLEEN --in one fluid

motion, jibed back to port; eased her sheet, drove, caught the pin, dropped her
board, sheeted in, and headed back up the bay. In the mean time, SILENT MAID
gathered herself together and got enough speed so that she could jib back to
port and round the pin. KATHLEEN's move was poetry in motion --so perfectly
timed and positioned! It was amazing to watch.

Now the upwind battle was on. SILENT MAID was moving and out pointing KATHLEEN.
She had found herself, and in short order passed KATHLEEN, and opened a 300-ft.
lead. KATHLEEN tacked and SILENT MAID covered. KATHLEEN tacked again and SILENT
MAID covered, but lost ground.

It became quite apparent in this tacking duel that KATHLEEN was accelerating
much better out of her tacks than SILENT MAID. It seemed to take "the MAID"
quite some time to get her speed back up in the 8 -9 knot headwind. Also noted
-- KATHLEEN's bow seemed to be cutting the water where SILENT MAID seemed to
push the water at the slower speed. This pushing was not noted when she get
herself moving. Anyone that has seen KATHLEEN under sail know the beautiful cut
she makes as she passes through the water.

The boats were neck and neck as they approached "The Narrows." The foul current
from the ebbing tide was quite strong now. KATHLEEN, sailing flat, to leeward
was dangerously close to the shore and grounding. Somehow she managed to clear
the narrows. It's hard to believe she squeaked through. SILENT MAID to windward
and deeper water had their crew on the rail creating quite a heel on her.

Both boats held their tack into Little Pleasant Bay with KATHLEEN finding the
upwind end of finish line ahead of SILENT MAID who finished on the lower end
about 3 minutes behind.

Both boat are set to race again this afternoon, Sunday, August 22, 2010, from
Chatham, MA to Bristol, RI. The route is mostly due west and ~100 miles! The
weather forecast is for E-SE winds 16 MPH today, high of 75 degrees, with a 50%
chance of rain PM thunderstorms. Tonight E 18 MPH 80 % chance of rain and
thunderstorms, low 68 degrees. Tomorrow --Rain/Thunder/wind E 22 MPH, High of
73 degrees.

It looks like the KATHLEEN and SILENT MAID will experience a real Nantucket
sleigh ride for the trip to Bristol. Let wish them the best of luck.

For information on catboats please visit the Catboat Association's website at


Robert Luckraft

Monday, August 16, 2010

There are some great photos of OHC

Emily F. put up some great photos of SILENT MAID and lots of other beautiful sailboats in the Opera House Cup race yesterday.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spirit of the Race Mug

Nantucket Opera House Cup benefit Nantucket Community Sailing,
a Green Regatta

OHC results
TOTEM - overall corrected time winner
SILENT MAID - Spirit of the Race Trophy
13th overall of 62 entries, 1st catboat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stinky Boys

Here's a story from Pete. I am rejoining the ship and am glad they have resolved this little issue.

"Today was the third or fourth day without a shower. As usual we left
before the boatyard (and showers) where we got a mooring, were open and
arrived after the marina (with showers) in Gloucester was closed. Some
quick thinking and the internet revealed a YMCA with $2.00 showers (such
a deal!) across the harbor and up a hill and due to close in less than
an hour, at 9:30.

"I rowed John Schwarzenbach across, looking for a place to land in the
dark, amidst the industrial-sized pilings, and dropped him on a docked
barge which had a tire fender low enough to act as a boarding ladder. A
quick row back to Maid netted Christian and my shower gear and we rowed
like the wind, looking for the dinghy dock mentioned by a gal on an
Outward Bound boat moored near to us. We picked up a dock which we later
discovered was marked "Authorized Personnel Only", got our first
bearings from some passers by, and started running for the Y.

On the way we discovered our total lack of cash and began to hope that
John had arrived already, so that he could cover us. We got there with
20 minutes left on the clock. John was already in the shower, but we
somehow convinced Molly, the nice young lady in charge, that he was good
for it and got our showers with 5 minutes to spare. John wanted to know what
would happen if he did not come across with the $4.00, but when I told
him that then he would have to spend the night at the Y and we would spring him
in the morning if we remembered, he decided that generosity was the best
policy and graciously covered our shower expenses. Captain John took
one for the team and bravely remained behind (the dinghy only carries
two). They opened at 5:30 in the morning, though, so he picked one up
before we left.

Leaving Saco River
Motor sailing
Motor sailing some more
Entering Gloucester (2)
View from our mooring. These Outward Bound kids spent the night aboard their
boat, under a boom tent. They were heading back to Boston, having
gotten as far as Exeter.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tenant Harbor, South to Saco, ME

Aug 10, 10

Motor-sailing through Muscle Ledge Channel
A small whale
Up the Saco River (4)
Washing off little wormy things brought aboard with the mooring line
Moored for the night

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eggamogin Reach Regatta

Here are some Photos from Russ. SILENT MAID looks small, but mighty.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Castine to Camden Race

Here is a picture of the start.

Yup, pea soup fog. Race by GPS and local knowledge. Welcome to Maine. The Mainer aboard would guide them in to the rocky shore, closer and closer, and then say "tack about HERE" and around they'd go. They got a cannon for the finish, First in C class, but that's not the official standings. Gotta wait until after the cigars for that.

Here are the official times. And a link to the story of how she got up there from Padanaram.