Monday, June 27, 2011

New Sail

Picked up the new sail for FISH STIX today and started rigging her with Jake. He is a quick study and was very excited to be doing more marlinspike stuff. Great whipping. JSB is working hard on completing the comet and Doc on the oars. Pete, John and George worked on the garvey, new bottom paint. Jeff popped the ladybug into the river. Newt is Newt.
The last pick here is one of Jake putting epoxy on our experimental mast hoops. We were out of green oak for bending new ones and looking around the shop I found some cardboard tubes and some carbon fiber. I filament wound the tubes, Jake epoxied them, painted them, and voila we had some impromptu mast hoops. They seem to be holding up so far.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Block and Back

The week started out with no wind, then too much wind and rain, storms, then a nice sail out to block island, the skipper verifying our marks, putzing around with the dink, renting bikes, SUN, drinks at the Oar.

Good company. Fog.

Ferry, New London and sun again.

Thank you MB & ACT II!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

W Races in Barnegat

This was a beautiful day sailing on a beautiful boat, SILENT MAID. We were going to the Wanamaker cup races, but a venue change kept us in the upper bay out of Mantoloking. TORCH took three firsts, we could just see the a-cats on the other side of the bridge.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whaleboat Work

The molds are hanging out of the way in this picture, Jake is spacing guides on the bending trap for the frames (it was his last day as an intern), the last image is a bending jig for the stem & stern of the whaleboat.

The whaleboat molds and traps have been completed and one set was sent up to Rocking the Boat. The kids at RtB are going to build a whaleboat this summer. The Philly seaport provided the molds so both boats will be the same. The whale boats will be given to Mystic Seaport to outfit the MORGAN, a whaleship that is being restored now.