Sunday, February 26, 2012

Laser Etched MAID

New images of an old friend. Learning the laser at NextFab.


itsuki said...

Great work!! It was printed directly from a JPEG file. I didn't know our laser took JPEG file. Thanks for the new discovery.

Mark Brown said...

The gray-scale picture in the bottom, when was it taken? It doesn't look like it was Photoshopped. It sure looks pretty artistic despite its age.

Mark Brown

uurchin said...

The picture is from 2010. We sailed SILENT MAID, a 33' Jersey catboat, from Phila to Maine and back. We sailed in classic boat regattas most weekends that summer. She is a replica of a Sweisguth design from 1924, she was launched in 2009 and is now sailing regattas in Barnegat Bay out of Bay Head YC. Maid was built at Workshop on the Water, in the Seaport Museum.