Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Woodchucks are at It Again

TORCH was having her kingplank out. Woodchuck on deck, and maybe a weasel down below. He is a pretty tall weasel. It is pretty small in the fore peak, not to mention all those lovely "soft" oak frames to lie on. Looks like the weasel is playing 'possum.

SILENT MAID got an alternator bracket. Also the grab rails on her cabin top were removed.

ISOBELL got a winter cover.

T.P. got her sternsheets & floor boards in, only to take them out again when we flipped her over. Sanded & painted her sheerstrake. Put troweling compound in the countersinks.

FISH STIX was having discussions about her bedlogs. It was pretty busy in the shop today. A goodly number of volunteers came in.

I went home via being lost in North Philly. Rough day. Stopped at my studio at ABML and worked on URCHIN. Oiled her sternsheets, scraped the transom, varnished the seats and port sheerstrake.

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