Friday, April 3, 2009

Sneakbox Slick

Thursday, Charles & I began adding the next-to-last planks. When these were scribed, planed, and screwed in place, we ran stock for the two sheer strakes. They were milled down to 1/2 inch and then we traced to old planks plus two inches and cut them out. We just got them clamped on when it was time to go.

On Friday, I scribed and fit the two sheer strakes and screwed them on. John and the rest of the guys flipped the boat.

I made a modest repair to the mast partners and then chopped the sheer line with a slick. What a great tool! It is a very heavy two handed chisel that goes through half inch cedar like butter. First, though I had to mark it using a batten on the inside to the tops of the deck-beams. A few had to be adjusted. The outside of the planks were marked with a gauge. I'll put a pic of that up later.
On a sneackbox the deck is laid on top of the planks and screwed to them, so the angle chopped and planed off has to match that of the deck-beams.


Here is the challenge ducker for the poling race. Workshop vs the TSCA.

Last, here is a close-up of the home-made mahgony plywood for the deckhouse of the Silent Maid.

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