Sunday, January 22, 2012

Work Underway on TO N FRO

I've been away from WoW working on a CAD model of Olympia. That has been exciting and fun, learning a new computer gadget and program to accomplish the task. Meanwhile back on the ranch...
Fritz has sent me these pix and captions for what has been going on for TO N FRO this week.
Bow - Stem supported by superstructure, Rotted Keel is removed.
Vertical 4x4 post supports Knee/Stem

Long dark board on floor is old Keel. Old Keel is dried out and punky.

Jeff chiseling out a diagonal joint for new Keel.

Dark spot on Keel is leaching stain from old iron bolts

Old Keel laying on new white oak Keel.

Steam bent white oak boomerang for new ribs

Painted rib member with yellow bedding compound squeezing out.

Boomerangs and ribs screwed into place. These new ribs will provide a solid area to screw the planks into.

Richardson Boat Co. used galvanized nails to fasten everything! Replaced all exposed nails under motor with bronze screws. Old nails slid out as easily as if they were slid in between book pages.

People have been driving into rocks. This part of the plank and other areas will need to be replaced.

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