Sunday, May 15, 2011

SILENT MAID is Commissioned 2011

Young visitor testing the forward bunk.
SILENT MAIDs battle flag.

Party on the dock.

Her interior has new paint & cushions.

She has a new folding carbon fiber sink in the head.

New two speed steering gear in the lazarette.

SLILENT MAID is back in the water at Beaton's. Tommy's crew
did a beautiful job shining her up and there are lots of improvements too. She has a new OCAM screens for racing, a revised waterline, new head mechanics and interior, all new cushions and towels. She also has new steering gear set in a carbon fiber housing.
Henry has re-rigged her with new lines and covered hoops, lots of shiny bronze. The engine can now be zipped in and out - out in a half hour according to the yard. She is lighter and looks faster.
Check out the new sink. Lots of love, patience and prodding went into that baby. Old pump, but a new design modeled in SolidWorks from the old cast iron one and then fabricated in carbonfiber and MAS epoxy by the Byars. Installed by Beaton's.

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