Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reading Plans

of offsets in the corner. The offsets are read in feet-inches- and eighths of inches. These coordinates specify points on given lines. They are the given locations where a long flexible batten may be bent along to make a fair line.
The lines on the plans are drawn in three axes, or planes intersecting each other at right angles for the most part. (the diagonals make a fourth set of planes, not at right angles.)

In this view the station profiles are shown, the waterlines are the horizontal lines spaced about 6" apart, the vertical lines are buttock lines. The diagonals radiate downward from the center.

In these last two images, (not whaleboats, but good illustrations from a book called, Ships of
the Pharaohs, by Bjorn Landstrom,) you can visualize where the lines come from and how they relate to a three dimensional hull. The lofter uses geometry and battens to create full size drawings from the numbers in the table of offsets and the lines on the plans.

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