Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High Tide

This was a strange day. I came home from school and the porch had water on it. No, the hose wasn't leaking. I opened the door, stepped over the threshold and the water went over my sneaker tops. Good thing I don't wear high tops. It was just like getting off SILENT MAID in Chestertown last year at high tide. At first, it was intereting and then the realization of magnitude of the disater hit me. I walked into the kitchen and waterfalls were cascading down from the light fixtures and each corner of the skylight. What to do? I braved the waterfall and found the shut-off. I waded through house to see. It was so cool and unrealistic at the same time. There is not supposed to be this much water inside your house. The ebb had begun, but every room but the northeast bedroom had standing water. Called Pete, he came home and got some friends over with water vacs. I cried really hard and then got busy cutting up carpet. The floor is concrete so once the carpet was out, the concrete vacuumed and dried pretty quick. Lots of books in the trash. Going to try and save a few by inducucing freezer burn in the fridge.


KnitMOReANd said...

Hi Wennie,
I hope you are better and the tide is gone down. Hugs Pip

carl said...

It must be catching, since we were flooded out two years ago,each of my two brothers,(Mass & NJ) have been also, and now you, Call if I can provide some insight.
Carl, Doc,
215 925 1961