Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stinky Boys

Here's a story from Pete. I am rejoining the ship and am glad they have resolved this little issue.

"Today was the third or fourth day without a shower. As usual we left
before the boatyard (and showers) where we got a mooring, were open and
arrived after the marina (with showers) in Gloucester was closed. Some
quick thinking and the internet revealed a YMCA with $2.00 showers (such
a deal!) across the harbor and up a hill and due to close in less than
an hour, at 9:30.

"I rowed John Schwarzenbach across, looking for a place to land in the
dark, amidst the industrial-sized pilings, and dropped him on a docked
barge which had a tire fender low enough to act as a boarding ladder. A
quick row back to Maid netted Christian and my shower gear and we rowed
like the wind, looking for the dinghy dock mentioned by a gal on an
Outward Bound boat moored near to us. We picked up a dock which we later
discovered was marked "Authorized Personnel Only", got our first
bearings from some passers by, and started running for the Y.

On the way we discovered our total lack of cash and began to hope that
John had arrived already, so that he could cover us. We got there with
20 minutes left on the clock. John was already in the shower, but we
somehow convinced Molly, the nice young lady in charge, that he was good
for it and got our showers with 5 minutes to spare. John wanted to know what
would happen if he did not come across with the $4.00, but when I told
him that then he would have to spend the night at the Y and we would spring him
in the morning if we remembered, he decided that generosity was the best
policy and graciously covered our shower expenses. Captain John took
one for the team and bravely remained behind (the dinghy only carries
two). They opened at 5:30 in the morning, though, so he picked one up
before we left.

Leaving Saco River
Motor sailing
Motor sailing some more
Entering Gloucester (2)
View from our mooring. These Outward Bound kids spent the night aboard their
boat, under a boom tent. They were heading back to Boston, having
gotten as far as Exeter.

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