Friday, October 23, 2009


She is back in the shop. Most of her original parts are there. She has some 10year old masking tape to start sanding off. Got to see some great old photos of the construction. These three tuck-ups (TOP PRIORITY, TOFU, and ARTEMIS)were built by John Brady on the barge almost twenty-five years ago. TOFU became Marion Brewington which is now owned by the Del Val TSCA. The other two were supposed to be the Edwin Brownlee and ... Joeseph Leiner. ARTEMIS was never renamed since she went directly to her owner. She is in the ISM small boat collection now.
There are two rigs for this boat. A racing rig which will need a new mast and gaff, and a pleasure sprit rig. One year, an Ohio tuck-up won the constitution cup with a sprit rig because she was lighter, only carrying two crew members.

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