Thursday, July 10, 2008


Went wood shopping yesterday.
Found some gems.
First, Chip & Char at Medford Cedar Products.
$2 a foot for 5/4 x 6 white cedar rough, Jeff will help with surfacing & ripping for time
Then on to legendary Albert at Diamond M. This is the scariest place on earth for me, but I could just stand in the cedar barn all day and inhale. Better price, clearer stock, already surfaced, but no grade stamp, or labeling, unsure of species. Wish I had the camera.
Saved the best for last, no cedar, but an 80 year old sawyer with a barn full of incredible wood. walnut, cherry, poplar, amazing stuff, furniture grade, ancient old belt driven tools and stories abounding. Plan to stay all day if I go again.
In the end, didn't get anything, will build the mold first, but it is nice to know there are sustainable local sources.
Design wise I am planning on the NJ Beach Skiff, Staten Island skiff, semi dory blend. I want good sailing qualities, easy to sail alone, room to sleep in the boat, about 17 feet in length, flattish bottom for beaching, good tracking for rowwing. a place for the Hobie pedal engine.

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