Thursday, June 5, 2008


The sandbaggers were towed in on Friday afternoon. When I came down to the dock on Tues, ELF was also tied up with the remaining boathouse crew lounging. The main crew being occupied with fitting out SPYDER at Beaton's. John gave BULL & BEARs crews a tour of the museum then we all went sailing on the Delaware with one reef in BULL. Tommy was on mainsheet on his first cruise ever. He managed to stay drier than all of us. Those sandbags (waterbags) are heavy when you have to lift them uphill on a bouncing deck over the centerboard case and then over the coaming.
Later, I sailed with Liberty Sailing Club on BEAR in match races near Petty's Island. We sailed three close races double reefed with Cooper River Yacht Club until the sun went down. The breeze was cracking good, but opposed the current so the water was rough.

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